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About Our Company

Les Lishman, owner of Lishman Fence, started installing fence in early 1973 for Holly Fence in Southampton, PA with his brother Bruce Lishman. In 1975 Les became married and a bought a home in Warminster, PA and realized that installing fence wasn't bring home a sufficient salary to cover his mortgage. Les still kept installing fence on the side, but had to take on another full time job. He worked on summer for Trauger Fence. In spring of 1978, Les went to work for Hartwig's Fence Co. and installed there for 1 year. Les worked his way up in the company and ended up taking over operations which included manufacturing of sections, setting up all jobs, organizing installers, and overseeing payroll and sales. By 1980, Les was running Hartwig's Fence Co. as his own and realized he could do the same on his own and make money for himself and not his employer. In April of 1980, Les started up Lishman Brothers Fence with his brother Bruce. To sustain initial costs with not a huge customer base, Les and Bruce were subcontractors for 2 fence companies (Rozell & Holly), all while selling and installing for Lishman Brothers. Business started growing for Les and Bruce and were able to start weaning off their subcontractor jobs, since Les prided himself on installing a quality product with his own employees. In the fall of 1988, Bruce left Lishman Brothers to pursue other interests. Les dropped the "Brother" out of the company name, which is now known as Lishman Fence. The company has been going strong ever since with strong referral sources from his completely satisfied customer base and corporate relationships.
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